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  1) I have decided to take a trip to Libya. What do I need to do now to plan my trip?

2) I will travel into Libya with my own 4 x 4 vehicle. How can I do this?

3) What is the best way for me to fly to Libya?

4) When it is the best time to travel to Libya?

5) What type of Hebergement can I expect in Libya?

6) How safe is it to travel in Libya?

7) How should I decide which tour operator I should use?
  1) What do I need to do now to plan my trip?.    
  • 1- Choose your itinerary. This is done by either choosing one on of our suggested itineraries or in consultation with us, making a tailor-made tour.

  • 2- Send us, in order to get your visa invitation, the following information:

    a. Your complete names as they appear on your passport
    b. Your nationality
    c. Passport number
    d. Date of Birth
    e. Profession

  • 3- We will then prepare a visa invitation letter for you and send it to the embassy from which you will apply for the visa. When thry have received it and are ready for your application we will inform you. This usually takes 4-5 days.

  • 4- You will then make the application to the appropriate embassy or consulate.

  • Click here For list of Libyan embassies/consulates and their contact information.
  • Click here For what you will need to complete a visa application.

  • 5- Once you get visa (usually takes 5-10 working days) you will then be ready to travel.

  • 6- You must plan your travel into Libya and we will meet you and take care of you from your entry point.

    Click here for information on flights into Libya.
  2) I will travel with my own 4 x 4 vehicle. How can I do this?    
  Before the trip that you will to pass us all of the relevant information about the vehicle. With this information we will be able to provide all of the necessary services; „Carnet de Passage“, insurance and llicense plates.

The price for these specific services will vary between 110-160 Euros depending on the specifications of the vehicles. Our guide will meet you at the border and take care of these formalities for you.

According to Libyan regulations a guide from the tour operator, from whom you have received the invitation, must accompany your vehicle during your stay in Libya, with the exception of your stay in Tripoli. Groups of four of more must also be accompanied by a guide from the tourist police.
  3) What is the best way for me to fly to Libya?    
  Under Construction. Links Air Planes.  
  4) When it is the best time to travel to Libya?    
  Libya is a prime travel destination during its fall, winter and spring months as the summer here, especially in the Sahara desert can be extremely hot.

In order to best enjoy your visit we recommend travel during the period of September to May. If you will be leaving the coastal areas and spending much time in the desert such as in such places as Ghadames, Sabha, Ghat and the Ubari areas we would recommend, for your comfort, that you travel between October and April.
  5) What type of Hebergement can I expect in Libya?    
  Libya has the full range of Hebergement ranging from deluxe five Etoiles Hebergement down through the simple two and three star hotel and guest house variety and camping in the desert environment.

In order to keep up with rapidly rising demand, new hotels are being built. However it is expected thet even these will fill very quickly. Therefore it is recommended that you make your reservations well ahead of time to guarantee the type of Hebergement they would prefer.
  6) How safe is it to travel in Libya?    
  While Libya is a Muslim country and part of the Arab World, it is a very stable, safe country without the destabilizing Islamic fundamentalism that is present in certain Muslim countries.

Blessed by large oil revenues and a low population base the Libyan state has been able to invest heavily in reducing poverty and creating social programs and infrastructure. The result has been moderate religious views and extremely low crime rates. Indeed it is probaly a lot safer to travel in Libya than in most places in North America and Western Europe.

And those who have been to Libya will surely tell you that the locals are some of the most genuinely friendly, hospitable and honest people that you will meet in the Arab World.
  7) How should I decide which tour operator I should use?    
  For the first time viitor to Libya it can sometimes be a bit confusing. There are many websites offering tours to Libya and many of the trips seem actually very similar. This can make the choice seem difficult.

However it is important to note that a number of these websites are from companies that, while well intentioned, may be relatively inexperienced having just started their activities this year, taking advantage of the recent growth in tourism. Or simply attract clients and then “sell“ these clients to a tour operator for a commission. Understandably those trips are also more expensive, considering the value you receive.

In any case, you as a potential customer should understand that a truly professional tour operator is one the does more then just sell a „package of hotels, transport, food and sightseeing“.

It should be a reliable partner capable of giving you information that allows you plan your trip step by step and then ensure that the trip goes smoothly from beginning to end. It should be low stress for you as you concentrate, not an logistics, but on enjoying your holidays. And with our years of experience of showing Libya to the World, this is exactly Arkno`s goal in working with each of its customers.
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