Desert and Romans (18 days)    
Tripoli - Qasr al-Haj - Nalut - Ghadames - Ghat - The Acacus - Wadi Matkhandoush - Murzuk Sand - Sea - Germa - Lakes of the Ubari Sand Sea - Sabha - Leptis Magna - Sabrata - Tripoli

The Big One! Cross the desert from Ghadames to Al-Awainat alongside the Libya/Algeria border. Explore the spectacular open-air museums of the Acacus and Wadi Matkhandoush and traverse the huge sand dunes of the Ubari Sand Sea. A thrilling adventure for all lovers of 4WD desert travel. Also visit the magnificent Roman cities of Sabrata and Leptis Magna.
  • Day 1 Meet guide on arrival at Tripoli Airport and transfer to city centre hotel for two nights.
  • Day 2 Sightseeing tour of Libya‘s capital city including the National Museum and the mosques and souks of the old town.
  • Day 3 Leave Tripoli to visit the beautiful qasrs, or fortified grain stores, of Qasr al-Haj and Nalut. Continue to the World Heritage Site of Ghadames.
  • Day 4 Sightseeing in the enchanting oasis of Ghadames on the edge of the Sahara desert. Take lunch in a traditional house. Late afternoon excursion to Ras al-Ghoul, the remains of an ancient Roman fort, and the sand dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental.
  • Days 5/6/7 Start of the desert adventure, travelling off-road alongside the Algerian border through a region rarely visited by tourists. Wild camping with last night at campsite in Al-Awainat or Ghat.
  • Days 8/9/10/11 Explore the spectacular region of the Acacus with its outstanding scenery and ancient rock art dating back many millennia.
  • Day 12 Visit the ancient spiritual site of Wadi Mathandoush with its myriad petroglyphs depicting the fauna that once roamed this region.Wild camping.
  • Day 13 Drive to Germa to visit the ancient capital of the Garamantian civilisation. Continue into the rolling sand dunes of the vast Ubari Sand Sea to visit the famous lakes of Gabraoun and Umm al-Maa.Wild camping.
  • Day 14 Continue exploration of the Ubari Sand Sea and drive to Sabha for overnight.
  • Day 15 Drive to Misrata or Zliten via the oases of Hun and Waddan.
  • Day 16 Full day excursion to the magnificent Roman city of Leptis Magna. Also visit Villa Celine, the seafront home of an upper-class Roman family. Return to Tripoli.
  • Day 17 Excursion to the Roman city of Sabrata with its remarkable Colonnaded Theatre. Also visit the Janzour catacomb museum. Return to Tripoli.
  • Day 18 At leisure until transfer to airport.

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