Discover Libya (12 days)    
Tripoli - Janzour - Sabrata - Benghazi - Tocra - Ptolemais - Cyrene - Apollonia - Ras al-Hilal - Al-Atrun - Tobruk - Derna- Slontah - Qasr Libya - Benghazi - Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Villa Celine - Tripoli

A tour of Libya's classical cities plus the World War II siege city of Tobruk, forever linked to the names of Rommel, Montgomery and the Desert Rats. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included throughout. Accommodation in 3, 4 & 5 star hotels.
  • Day 1 Meet guide on arrival at Tripoli Airport and transfer to city centre hotel for two nights.
  • Day 2 Excursion to Janzour catacomb museum and the Roman city of Sabrata with its stunning Colonnaded Theatre.
  • Day 3 Morning flight to Benghazi. Visit the old town, Souk al-Jareed, ancient Berenice and the World War II Commonwealth Cemetery.
  • Day 4 Visit the Greco-Roman cities of Tocra and Ptolemais. Continue to the Cyrene area.
  • Day 5 Full day’s sightseeing in the vast Greco-Roman city of Cyrene, including the Temple of Zeus and the Necropolis.
  • Day 6 Visit the ancient city-port of Apollonia. Also visit the Byzantine churches at Ras al-Hilal and Al-Atrun. Return to the Cyrene area.
  • Day 7 Excursion to the World War II siege city of Tobruk. Visit the cemeteries, Rommel‘s bunker and the remains of the Lady Be Good aircraft.
  • Day 8 Continue sightseeing in Tobruk. Return to Cyrene via the town of Derna.
  • Day 9 Return to Benghazi via the eerie pre-Islamic grotto of Slontah and Qasr Libya with its splendid collection of Byzantine mosaics. Flight to Tripoli.
  • Day 10 Full day excursion to the magnificent sites of Leptis Magna and Villa Celine.
  • Day 11 Sightseeing tour of Libya‘s capital city including the National Museum and the mosques and souks of the old town.
  • Day 12 At leisure until transfer to airport.

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