Location: 180 miles app. east of Djerba (Tunisia), 130 miles app. west of Misrata

Tripoli, the site of Phoenician Oea founded circa 500 BC, is the capital of Libya. Although no vestiges of the Phoenecian settlement remain, there are traces of Roman times including the Arch of Marcus Aurelius (163 AD) constructed entirely of marble. Other sites of interest include the wonderful National Museum, located within Tripoli Castle, and the old medina, within which is a crossway notable for Roman pillars embedded in each corner building. The medina contains interesting souks and mosques, of which the interior of Karamanli Mosque is particularly beautiful.
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Tripoli Castle and
National Museum


Arch of Marcus Aurelius

Karamanli Mosque

Roman pillars in Medina

Cathedral turned mosque


Clothes Souk

Entrance to Medina
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