Location: 450 miles south of Ghadames

A Tuareg desert town at the entrance to the Acacus, deep in the Libyan Sahara, Ghat once enjoyed prominence as a trading post for caravans crossing the desert, and was active a thousand years ago. The old town is now mainly deserted, the population having moved into a newer area of Ghat, and is dominated by a picturesque Italian fort. Ghat may be reached by either a tarmac road from Sebha or through the desert from Ghadames alongside the Algerian border. (See under Ghadames for pictures of this route.)

An annual festival takes place in Ghat during December, a colourful ritual of Tuareg song and dance.
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Ghat Mosques old and new

Tuareg vendors

Italian Fort

Old Town and Fort

Old Town and Fort
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